The world of Shiarlan is an old world that has been shaped by entities of various power and influence. The oldest of these are the Ancients. The ancients represent the First Age of Shiarlan, and the details are lost to the annals of time.

The Ancients created the Exarchs, ushuring in the Second Age. This was an age of creation, and the Exarchs created the original races that inhabit the world. They created two versions of each original race. One was a mortal servant race, and the other was a race of immortals. The immortals were unique in that they were the only beings who could use magic, and they could become gods.


During the Third Age, many immortals reached the power and focus to ascend to demi-god status, and wars ensued between many of the races. In these wars, some demi-gods gathered followings so zealous that they became worshippers, helping the demi-gods to achieve apotheosis and become gods.


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