Inspiration System

The Inspiration system built in to the Core Rules tends to be a bit lacking. In spirit, it is designed to promote role-playing a character's Personality Traits. In practice it is either forgotten, or arbitrarily handed out. In order to encourage role-playing, this system will be altered in such a way as to not burden the DM with memorizing the traits for 4 to 6 characters.All characters start each session with Inspiration

Setbacks are considered the equivalent of Inspiration in reverse. You may intentionally take a Setback in order to regain Inspiration. The Setback must be supported by a character's personal characteristics. The most common is the character's flaw, but any character trait works as long as the Setback is a disadvantage that supports the character's personal characteristics.

Compulsions are extra personal characteristics that are added for narrative reasons. This can be due to finding an intelligent weapon, being placed under a curse, a forced alignment change, a destiny that fights against the character when they try to avoid it, an acquired insanity or anything else that is part of the story that would impact the character's actions. DM's enforce compulsions by giving the player a choice between acting in accordance with the compulsion, or gaining a Setback without gaining Inspiration in order to resist succumbing to the compulsion. (Resisting the compulsion is the advantage gained.)


Thanks to The Angry GM for the 'inspiration' for this system.


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